SAMSUNGLocated in Miami, FL, Mall Brothers is an enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in Trading, Export-Import, Freight Forwarding and products distribution world-wide. We provide high quality services.
Our team has more than 30 years of experience in logistics world-wide and  locally on stores, supermarkets and wholesalers, this makes us a highly competitive company with end-to-end services to help you.

The vision of the Mall Brothers team is to become the leading Trading and Logistics partner to companies that want to assist the community by delivering high quality products in South America, Europe, South Florida, the Caribbean and other locations.

In order to capitalize on this purpose, Mall Brothers develops strategic alliances with reliable corporations to develop, distribute and market new brands.

Corporate Values

We are committed to tirelessly seek perfection in customer service so this leads us to the following values:
• Attention: We focus all our efforts on service.
• Timeliness: We understand what the value of the time involved.
• Quality products
• Provide customers the same attention as one expects.

Market Knowledge and Culture

Knowledge of local and Hispanic idiosyncrasy, language, values, behavior and purchasing parameters; confirm the versatility and understanding of Mall Brothers for the Caribbean, South American and South Florida.

Our deep understanding of the consumer culture for Hispanic American, Caribbean and South American Mall Bothers consolidated comparative advantage over other corporations in the same industry.

Mall Brothers, supplies under very rigid parameters and quality, the same that align with the standards and regulations of the American FDA.

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Address: 11210 NW 91st, Suite 06-B Miami, FL 33178

Phone: 305-343-6626
Fax: 305-717-6159

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