Mall Brothers Trading Export-Import have highly qualified to assist you in all steps required for import and export trading. We also have agents fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese to make more reliable the consolidation of trading.

Services we offer:

We source, purchase, and distribute commodities world-wide to large corporations, large chains, cruise companies, health care industries and other institutions.

Mall Brothers Purchasing Agent or USPP (United States Principal Party of Interest) serves as USPPI to various importers in South America, it offers all guarantees for goods exported from the U.S., Because we are in charge and responsible for purchasing the goods at the time of export, responsible for the best bargain cost / product and freight, as well as responsible for everything related to American export laws (Customs).

Also, we can purchase your products in the United States, China, India and South America, through our extensive network of agents around the world and our experience and business logistics.
In all these years of service we have developed extensive knowledge and vast experience in all aspects relating to our business, for this reason:

1. We know how important it means treating our customers with respect, kindness, timeliness and quality.
2. We offer our clients all the steps we must take to the negotiation.
3. International purchasing and know that we have an extensive network of partners and relationships that allow a faster process, fluid and efficacy.
4. Do not lose sight of any step in achieving the deals purchased logistics.
5. We have experience in sales and marketing in food products and the sectors involved there.
6. We leave nothing to guess. All our work is coordinated and confirmed 100%.

We offer our services with high quality standards

that are widely recognized commercially.